About Us

They shall see who have never been told of Him, and they shall understand who have never heard [of Him].

Paul of Tarsus

Did you know that business people spend 60-70 percent of their time at work and have the greatest influence in the workplace?

While you’re trying to get out of work to go into business or full-time ministry, you’ve never been closer to YOUR destiny than where you are!

Our mission at Champions Unleashed is to help you UNLEASH your potential, leadership and destiny to transform workplaces, industries and relationships you touch!

Every leader knows that a company’s most valuable assets walk through the door every day. No goal can be met, no strategy can be realized, no customer, client and patient can be served until you’ve hired, trained, energized and inspired the right leaders and people for the task.

No matter what level of success you have achieved, you can always learn from others.

We provide a framework within which one can study, evaluate and grow in powerful leadership, founded upon kingdom and success principles of modern/historical leaders and champions of industry.

Join the Movement.