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It is possible to give without loving, but it is impossible to love without giving.

Richard Braunstein


We exist to encourage and fit you for right action by good instruction. The Gospel is free, but like water, it costs money to bring it into the businesses and homes of people.


Your financial support helps us say YES to the ministry and leadership opportunities on the table for the current and upcoming calendar year.

Our Measurable Goals

  1. To increase distribution of Champions BYTES E-mentor and Social Posts to as many leaders in the workplace as possible (through businesses, universities, associations, churches and faith based organizations.)
  2. To increase listeners of Champions Unleashed Radio Programs (based on the weekly Champions BYTES Email) to as many radio stations as possible through national syndication.
  3. To develop additional mentoring, training opportunities and resources such as: 1.) The Next 12 Mentoring Group, 2.) Brand You and 3.) Champions Unleashed Weekend Conferences and Retreats.

There are over 1.08 billion internet users.

We desire to reach as many of them as possible. This means that your prayers and financial support are greatly needed and appreciated.

If you have personally benefited from Champions Unleashed messages of encouragement and challenge, would you consider partnering with us financially and through prayer?

With your one-time gift or by becoming a monthly donor, you will play an integral role in our strategy.

Our Ministry Goals

  • To introduce God in places where His Name has not been known.
  • To show leaders how to add value to their professions and lives through powerful mentors.
  • To help individuals discover that their greatest place of influence is their destiny.
  • To contribute to leadership and authority development and seize by force and influence professions and industries that move the world.
  • To help leaders transform their workplaces (and industries) with their influence, greatness and the power of God.
  • To equip workplace Christians for five fold ministry in the marketplace.

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