Champions Game Plan

Your greatest place of influence is your ministry.

Ed Norwood

The Champions Game Plan Workshop I (CGP I)

“How to UNLEASH Your Purpose and Destiny in the Marketplace.”

CGP I is a powerful three (3) day workshop designed to bring a visitation of God where you work and live! Bring author and thought leader, Ed Norwood to your campus, church or city for a life-changing experience!

Imagine, a revival like you’ve never seen before—in a workshop setting —to invade the marketplace:

DAY 1: “Drowning Pharaoh”

As leaders, we must be pregnant with the lives of those who cannot feed themselves at all times. Nations hang in the balance of you stepping into your ministry. Pastors cannot do the work of the final harvest alone.

This session will teach you how to flow legally in your purpose and destiny in the workplace and provide guidelines for avoiding religious discrimination on the job under Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Learn the do’s and don’ts of what you can and cannot do with your faith@work and how to “LIVE WITH PURPOSE.”

DAY 2: “No Limits”


You can RISE to a higher level than your predecessors, limitations and failures. God can exceed whatever you dare dream, think, hope or imagine and raise you to new level.

Everyone needs a pulpit or lever to move nations. Champions BYTES is one of our pulpits (vision or vehicle) to transform nations; what is yours?

What work will people connect your name to for generations to come?

God has placed you in administrative power, political power, educational power and corporate power to bring others into harmony and favor with Him.

In this session, learn how to increase your influence, creativity, gift and value in the marketplace by using the platform you are currently on.

DAY 3: “Shut Up and Take the City!”

YOU are worth every dream and desire in your heart.

How bad do you want Jericho?

God never promised taking a neighborhood, taking a school, taking a workplace, industry, city or nation would be easy. When God calls you to advance in a specific (career) field, job or region (location), it is always against incredible odds. But you will never possess MORE than what you have until you are willing to go into areas that make you afraid.

In this session, learn how to possess everything you ever dreamed, faster than you ever imagined by stepping out of your element into limitless opportunities!