Dream Job

A Full Day of Career Enhancement to Increase Your Marketability and Transform Your Economic Destiny.

Dream Job is a free day of concentrated and intense career enhancement for anyone desiring to maximize their career potential and live out their “dream” potential.

At Dream Job, participants will retrain, network and learn how to land their “dream” position, role, promotion or client.

People give up too easily. People want to quit their jobs, quit going to school or chasing their dreams; quit on God, quit on their marriage and kids. This event will inspire people to endure and dream again. Because how you leave a place determines how you are remembered.

Ed Norwood

With jobless claims on the rise, this event equips participants with the training, networking and hope to “DREAM AGAIN” in the marketplace and consists of educational tracks designed to enrich people, including (but not limited to):

  • Brand You: “Developing Your Personal Brand”
  • Landing Your Dream Job
  • Mastering Microsoft Office Suite
  • Introduction to Public Policy Laws and MORE!

Dream Job is the catalyst for hope, stimulus and transformation for attendees struggling to keep their head above water in today’s economy. High energy CEOs, mentors and volunteers assist participants with training, resources, encouragement and inspired guidance.

“Intimidation will cause you to either 1.) Leave a place you are called or secured to OR 2.) Stay in a familiar place for fear of the unknown, says Ed Norwood, Founder of Champions Unleashed.

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