Air Champions Radio

I wanted to write and let you know how I have been blessed by the ministry of Champions Unleashed. I own and operate a radio station WMRB 910 AM in Columbia, Tennessee. I personally listened to the demo CD and was touched by the passion and presentation of Ed Norwood. I made sure that the program was added to our playlist and it is reaching thousands today within our community.

Trent O.

With Champions Unleashed Radio Vignettes, your listeners will discover programming that speaks to their destiny, enlarges their leadership capacity and re-ignites the call, dream and passion in their heart.

By collaborating with radio stations, our desire is to gain entrance (not acceptance) into people living outside the four walls of the church. We exist to challenge the “strong man” dominant over nations, cities and workplaces.

Our mission is to create and establish faith at work platforms that act on this principle: “They shall see who have never been told of Him, and they shall understand who have never heard of Him” (Rom 15:21.)

“We will challenge your listeners to go up another level,” says Ed Norwood, Radio Host and Founder of Champions Unleashed. “It doesn’t take faith to go to work everyday and build in a place, field or area that we are comfortable. We must do something where the potential of the thing scares, challenges, excites and pushes us all at the same time. That is what our dream must do. That is what this radio program will do.”

These 60 second and 2 minute audio devotionals are professionally-recorded audio excerpted from the popular Champions BYTES weekly devotional which is read by thousands worldwide.

They can be downloaded at no charge by radio stations for use on radio and internet.

Full sermon messages are also available to fill your radio programming needs.

Also, visit our youtube page to see more of our powerful content.