Brand You

I want to truly thank you for the valuable time you spent with our group. I only wish we had had more time. The Mission and Branding experience truly moved us all! Thank You!

Gail M. (Tenet Healthcare)


What are you most passionate about? What can others (clients, employers, co-workers etc.) depend on you for? What are the greatest strengths that have benefited your past employers? What distinguishes you from the competition for your next job?

Sign of the Times

The Wall St. Journal reports that 80% of line workers and 50% of executives are dissatisfied with their lives at work.

According to Barna Research, nearly one out of every two people are trying to figure out their purpose in life.

Personal Branding provides a dynamic way for:

  1. EMPLOYEES to creatively engage in understanding what makes them distinctive in their workplace and to communicate their strengths and purpose to team members and clients.
  2. EMPLOYERS to find valuable talent already present within their company and dramatically increase productivity.

Workshop “Brand You”

What is a Brand?

Defined most simply, your “brand” is what people think of you.

A brand is a promise that you will deliver a consistent set of values, qualities, standards and experiences that those you touch (daily) want in their lives.

What do Coca Cola, Nike, Air Jordan and Oprah have in common?

They are all strong brands.

In this workshop, Ed takes you through the proven, 4-step branding process so you can market your unique brand and identity to the world.


  • The 4 steps of IDENTITY to discover, create and unleash their personal brand to the workplace.
  • Inspiration and tips on how to create a unique “brand promise.”
  • How to be a co-brander with your organization.
  • A personal branding worksheet and resources to help set their brand on fire.
  • Dynamic mentoring relationships, ongoing coaching and support AND MORE!

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