Crisis Management

We work to become, not to acqure.

Elbert Hubbard

Crisis Management Sessions

How do you ensure that you and your organization are prepared to handle a crisis or disaster?

Employees will come to you seeking answers on job security, health care coverage, pension contributions, how and where they should be reporting to work, and whether the organization will help them and their families through the crisis.

Champions UNLEASHED provides Crisis Management (Emotional First Aid) and Business Recovery to organizations and workers who have been affected by disaster.

Our powerful Trainers will come to your location and hold intense, personal and powerful sessions with your staff to cover the following areas:

  • Crisis Management – Why your response in the first few hours is the most critical for your people and your operations.
  • Teamwork – The call to action you can inspire to ensure your people are accounted for, safe, and unified to mobilize a comeback (from the crisis.)
  • Management Mess-ups – Champions UNLEASHED and its affiliated organizations are seasoned in crisis management; the lessons we are learning become best practices for our partners and will help you prepare people for potential crisis or disaster in non-crisis times.

We are dedicated to developing passionate, powerful, values-based leaders that accelerate their destiny, change generations and make history.

For certain qualifying events, your organization may request our speaking and intervention honorarium to be waived and underwritten by sponsors.

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