Champions Bytes

Your ability to lead, inspire and UNLEASH others to their true potential is absolutely indispensable in the marketplace and will determine how far you go in life. If you want to stand before great men and women of influence and transform nations, you can’t afford to be an average leader (with average skills.)

Champions BYTES is a simple, yet powerful e-devotional with an article from author and thought leader, Ed Norwood.

As more and more people read and forward this weekly inspirational e-mail, they begin to sense that they have an incredible purpose and destiny that transcends what they are currently doing and EXTENDS without limits!

Champions BYTES is committed to strengthening, expanding and accelerating your capacity to lead, as you develop those around you. This invaluable e-mentoring tool comes absolutely FREE OF CHARGE.

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What People Are Saying:

“Your ministry is amazing and I believe God will just continue to bless you abundantly. I am weekly inspired by your updates and emails and we hope to join you again sometime soon. Thank you again for all your doing.”

– Lisa, Cerritos Escrow, CALIFORNIA

“I don’t really know how I made your email list – but I’m so glad I did! Your updates have come when I have needed them most—and been very inspirational. Thank you for your ministry – and keep up the great work!”

– Carrie, 94.7 KRKS FM 990 KRKS AM 710 KNUS AM 1650 KNUS2 AM, COLORADO

“I’m a new subscriber…just received my 2nd email blast. I am absolutely thrilled. I now anxiously await the next blast. I’m sending them to a few friends so they can enjoy it also. Thanks for what you do.”

– Rena, WYGS Southern Gospel, INDIANA

“I really enjoy the Champions Bytes and I forward them on to friends and family for encouragement, etc. I think that how you are using your business to minister to others is awesome and inspiring, especially to those of us who are trying to do the same. Thank you for your encouraging and challenging words!”

– Kathy, MedReach Ambulance, CALFORNIA

“I’m blessed again by this message: ‘Help Wanted.’ It is very timely that God is speaking to me now. He has a purpose why I am where I am. Yes, he is preparing me for a bigger mission or destiny!”

– Loni, UEI

“I must thank you for The Champion Bytes; I am really blessed by it. It is the difference between eating Spiritual Meat and Cereal; you are blessed to be a blessing. Please keep on sowing seeds into lives.”


“I am grateful for such a young man with a seasoned man of God’s Heart. Champions Bytes are meat that you can sink your spiritual teeth into, and if you are not as charged as you would like to be or going through a ‘valley of the shadow of death,’ Champion Bytes will BYTE you right where you need to be bitten and encourage you to stay in the fight. God bless, keep, and prosper you for the blessing you are to His people.”

– Pastor Merial, MISSOURI